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The times are always changing, and color trends are no different. For 2019, The Pantone Color Institute has identified reds and oranges as its chief hues, while specifically pinpointing Fiesta, Living Coral, Pink Peacock, Aspen Gold, and Princess Blue as especially popular colors. The following 12 colors for this season presented here are bright but not overbearing, appropriate for men or women, in high fashion or on the streets.  

Here, Spektre offers a look at these 5 can’t-miss colors for this spring and summer. Let’s take a look at how designers and consumers alike make use of these tones. 

Photo via: Pinterest, Sally LaPointe


Pink is still in for 2019/20, and it’s not just for the ladies. Whether you go with strictly pink or the slightly more playful fuchsia, Pink Peacock is here to stay in 2019. MM6 uses the same color but different materials to create a multi-layered look, while Sally LaPointe employs plastic materials, flocked textures, and suit fabrics while bright tones are in full display. We recommend Vincent with pink reflective lenses, Eroica with gradient fuchsia lenses, or Corsaro with gradient orange lenses.


Sally LaPointe

Photo via: Pinterest


Bright, vibrant orange hues are all the rage this season. Fiesta is a color that radiates energy, passion, and excitement, and it has found its way onto the runaways for Marni, Gucci, Dion Lee, and more. In this color, willowy dresses exude elegance, while pleated textures add liveliness and impact that catches the eye. We recommend Rigaut with its diamond-shaped frame in red, Vincent with red reflective lenses, and Lovestory with red lenses.



Photo via: Pinterest


Living Coral is an affable and animating shade whose golden undertone gives it a softer edge. It is softer and more subtle than orange, and the dash of gold and pink splashed in gives it an appeal and sophistication that is hard to put into words. This tone has been a mainstay on the runways for the likes of Erika Cavallini, Marc Jacobs, Marni, and more, establishing itself as a popular choice of the fashion world. We recommend the oversized Shanghai in orange, Offshore in gradient orange, and the cat-eyed gradient orange.

Cédric Charlier​

Marc Jacobs

Photo via: Pinterest


Aspen Gold brightens your day and stimulates feeling of joy and good cheer. Inspired by its namesake tree, Aspen Gold is a rich yellow hue that works wonderfully with fur jackets, leather coats, and silk blouses to strike the perfect balance between luxury and carefree exuberance. Yellow is a constant for many high-end brands including Chanel, which often makes yellow a part of its suit designs for the elegance it embodies. We recommend the round frame of Narciso in orange, Yoko in gradient orange, and Domina in gradient orange.


Max Mara

Photo via: Pinterest

公主藍 Princess Blue

Princess Blue is a majestic royal blue that glistens and gleams, and it is synonymous with elegance. If you’re not a fan of the more subdued smoky blue, then Princess Blue just might be what you are looking for. Maison Margiela’s suit jacket in various layered blue tones and Zadig & Voltaire’s spaghetti strap dress both make full use of this color’s multi-faceted potential. This year, why not add a bit of panache to your style with a few new pieces in blue? We recommend the frameless Lovestory in blue, the blue aviator Paris, and Dechirico in gradient blue.

Maison Margiela

Zadig & Voltaire