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4 keys of outfits matching for you and your Bae!  Aren’t cheesy but it’s lovely!

The most classic couples wear must make the visual look consistent and similar. But wearing like a twin may make people feel that is too high-profile, and sometimes even a little tacky. How to show a couple's feelings besides wearing the identical printed t-shirt? Just mastering several key points here and you can drive your couple looks!

inspired by IG@young_emperors / Illustration by Kevin Hong

Matching with similar tones items

Using the same clothing elements to match the outfits is one of the techniques to make the visual look similar. For example, the matching of clothes with similar patterns and colors, the combination of plaids or stripes; the same clothing material like both wearing knitting fabric, denim jacket, although wearing in different colors, still looks lovable. Using similar tones’ accessories like hats, bags, glasses to match with each other is also an easy way to showcase your matching personalities.

The emphasis with smaller details

In addition to styling in a large area of ​​a similar color, the emphasis is also important for the matching. Find out the most dazzling part or the largest color on your outfits, and match with the same color accessories, such as bags or hats. Put a spotlight in a similar color tone and keep the flow the same with your companion, even small details it can create the perfect couple attire.

photo from Pinterest / IG @jaimetoutcheztoi

Layered with a similar color tone

The matching of the same color tone is not limited in using the same color, but in the shades of tone that look coordinate, it can also create a harmonious look. Featured with the same color tones, and layered in order of the color shades, makes your look coordinate in your corresponding ensembles. This will be one of the must-have skills in couple matching!

IG @bbaezee

IG @ Jaimetoutcheztoi

Upside down color matching

This is a common wearing technique that many couples love to use in their outfits matching. Choose two key colors of the clothes, and match them in an upside-down way to create an interesting visual sense.


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