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During the period of COVID-19, we received a lot of information about epidemic prevention. “Stay away from the crowd”, “better stay at home”, this type of message keeps appearing. It’s such loneliness if we can’t travel with friends during this blossoming spring. As not waste this beautiful spring, why don’t you spend some time with yourself? Let’s prepare some awesome spring plan for you.

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Spring season it’s a nice season for sun-drenched. During this epidemical period, we can choose the outdoor place with good air circulation, a large area, and fewer people. The park, forest, riverside are the ideal place for exercise. Maintain exercise habits, can effectively enhance our immunity system and relieves your stress after a long week. In this blooming season, take a look at the green plants, comfort your tired eyes.

Can’t have a ball match, hiking with your bunch of friends, why don’t you just do some simple exercise, you can enjoy it even without anyone.


Bike riding can strengthen the cardiopulmonary function. It has the same function for physical exercise as running and swimming, it is not only strengthening your lower limbs, and your muscle endurance of the body. Long-term bike riding can also maintain a shapely body and good posture. Besides, bike riding is not limited to time and speed. While you’re riding the bike, you can speed up and slow down according to your physical strength, and stop at any time when you meet a beautiful scenery. This beautiful spring, go at your own speed, don't miss any beautiful scenery.

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Spring is a breezy season for walking. The warm sunshine and the cool breeze blowing slowly, walking outdoors is definitely a good choice to enjoy nature. During the epidemic, we might feel bad breath when jogging if we covered with the mask. Try to slow down your path and take a nature walk. If you have pets, bring them up and walk slowly in the spring.

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We look forward to the outdoor activities, don’t forget to protect yourself when you going out. Some important things you need to pay attention and keep reminding yourself. This is the way you can do to minimize the chance of being exposed to germs.

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Germs are transmitted through droplets. Wearing a mask can reduce the attachment of bacteria to the mucous membranes of our bodies. The mucous membranes in our nose (nasal cavity) and mouth need to be well covered to protect them.  Don’t forget to clean your hands before putting on your mask.


The conjunctiva is one of the ways for germ infection. It is also important to protect the eyes from contact with germs. You can choose to wear an oversize frame glasses. Cover with the eyes in a wide area to reduce the chance that your eyes exposed to the germs, and also avoid rubbing the eyes inadvertently. Although the sunshine is warm, it still contains UV-rays that will hurt your eyes. Wearing glasses not only can effectively filter the UV-rays, bring double protection to the eyes, it’s also creating your unique style.


Germs also attach to clothing and hair when you stay outdoors. In order to reduce the chance of germs to attach, it’s recommended that you can bundle up your hair in a top knot or tie up in a simple braid when you go out. It’s used to minimize the area that germs can stick on it. At the same time, you can avoid inadvertently flicking your hair, and spread the bacteria on your hair to all corners.

If you don’t plan to go out or can’t go out during this epidemic, we prepare another checklist for you. Stay at your cozy home can also spend a good springtime.

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The warm spring makes people reminiscent of colorful sensations. Make yourself or your family a healthy, colorful and nutritious breakfast. During the period while against the epidemic, more nutrition supplements can enhance immunity. Fight against the disease with a healthy body, and also give yourself a good mood to start a brand new day.


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Can’t go out but want to stretch your body and sweat at home. These workouts don’t require special equipment or large space. You can do this workout just in your room. Do some proper stretching can relax your body, and some fat burning exercises as an advanced training after that,

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First, starts with two sets of stretching exercise

(To relieve your body)

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Next, take two sets of Tabata exercises

(Eliminate fat and exercise vital capacity)


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It’s suitable to have some warm tone color movie during the springtime. We can enjoy about how people use the color tones and images to present this wonderful season under the lens. Here are some movies with warm tones and different types. For this weekend, pick a movie you like, enjoy the beautiful pictures, and take a little color inspiration for your life.


A movie based on a true story. The heroine with rheumatoid arthritis -Maudie, she left the dependent life and searching for a new life. To prove that she can live independently, Maudie worked as a maid in the house of a man who lives alone. She has a dream of painting; she keeps chasing her dream although she’s sick. Because of her kindness and simplicity, the stubborn man who she worked for has finally unraveled his closed heart and fell in love with her.


Such an inspirational and touching stories, accompanied by the colorful and childlike paintings of Maudie. This movie is very suitable for this blooming spring.


The story is set in England before World War II as the background. Briony Tallis, a girl who filled with imagination, falsely accused Robbie (the main actor). This false accusation broke up the two people in love and they went to a different life. Briony has been trapped in guilt, she wrote their story into a novel. Using her imagination, she wrote a beautiful ending for these separated lovers, but she couldn't make up for her inner regret.


This sorrow story reconciles with the warm tone of light shades. Each scene just beautiful like a painting. Even the ending is still regrettable, but the beautiful scenery can become a beautiful mark of spring.


The half-created Edward with a pair of scissors hands. He always hides and lived in loneliness and darkness. One day, someone accidentally entered his home and brought him to the human environment. He starting a completely different life. In the human environment, he gradually felt a sincere warmth and began to integrate into human life.


This classic from the American director Tim Burton who always in a quirky style movie. This movie is full of interesting color and shape, he used black and colorful tones to make a contrast; to compare the changes of Edward before and after he met humans. This retro-style movie is the reason why it’s well-known in the film industry while it has been published so many years ago.

You can enjoy the holidays by staying at home. But don’t forget to do the best protection at home, keep staying away from the germs.

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A lot of bacteria are usually attached to the clothes when we stay outdoor, and it does not rule out that the harmful bacteria are also attached to the clothes. Therefore, better not to put on dirty clothes repeatedly. Plus, not store them in the closet, because the germs may grow in the shady place. The dirty clothes should put in plastic buckets and put in a place with fewer people. For coats that are difficult to clean, you can hang them in a ventilated place, and wipe them with a disinfecting wet tissue or a diluted disinfectant. Waterproof clothing is easier to clean. If you have a concern about cleaning cotton material clothes every day, you can wear waterproof clothing as a jacket for easy cleaning.


During the free time, clean up the more contacted places. Don't forget to open the windows when you do the cleaning to reduce the virus concentration.


  • Personal belongings: bags, keys, mobile phones, wallets
  • Doorknob, light switch
  • Desk, doorway floor
  • Bathroom, toilet, bathtub
  • Cutlery
  • Rags and towels
  • Home floor


Most cleaning can be done with alcohol or alcohol-diluted cleaners, while kitchen utensils, intimate clothing, and towels can also be boiled with hot water instead of alcohol. Bacteria are particularly high in personal belongings, such as mobile phones, keys, and computer keyboards. These are the places we often touch with dirty hands. Do not ignore these daily details when cleaning.


Eyeglasses are daily items. If you can minimize the wearing of contact lenses during an epidemic, you can reduce the chance of germs contacting the eyes. Even if there is no problem with shortsightedness, you can also wear glasses to protect your eyes.


After using the glasses for a whole day, they will be stained with oil, dirt and harmful microorganisms, and the glasses will also become blurred. Many people will use to grab the cloth at hand and wiping their glasses, or picking the corner of the clothes to wipe it. But in fact, the wrong cleaning will cause damage to the lens, it will form permanent scratches, and also scatter light to irritate your eyes.


The correct glasses cleaning method, which is:


Step 1: Rinse the lens and lens arm with water, and folded the lens arm to clean the corners of the frame.

Step 2: Use a special cleaner to clean the coverage of the glasses and the front and back of the lenses. If you are using dishwashing detergent, dilute the dishwashing detergent and knead it to foam before washing.

Step 3: Gently rub each part of the glasses, rinse with water.

Step 4: Dry the glasses with soft tissue.


The fiber cloth cannot be used to remove the oil stains on the lenses. Get into the habit of cleaning your glasses daily. Clean it in a correct way can also extend the life of your glasses.

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Spring is a time for rebirth, do what you want and start it in this beautiful springtime. Even can’t join with your friends, but there are full of interesting things to explore. Enjoy your good time, find the more delicate traits in your life.


Wish you have a happy, blissful weekend!



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