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Handmade in Italy , tailored for Asia.

* Milan 2009 ~ 2019 , 10th Anniversary *

Today, let’s talk about accessorizing with clear lens sunglasses. They too can accentuate your facial features just like regular glasses, just without the prescription. Go with fully clear lenses, or perhaps a bit of beige if you are worried about looking like you have on a pair of fake glasses. Our lenses offer 100% UV protection and also make your eyes appear larger.

We recommend orange, brown, or other earthy tones for your makeup. These colors perfectly match the beige or clear lenses, establishing your unique style while not making you appear aloof.

Prominent models and personalities such as Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner, and Gigi Hadid all have their own take on sunglasses with clear lenses. Here they’ve all gone with the classic aviators, a perfect choice whether you want the leisurely, intellectual, or casual look.

via : / Inprint Magazine

Here, fashion blogger Andreea Birsan demonstrates her affinity for clear lenses on sunglasses, matching them with aviators and a variety of ensembles to create playful and retro style.

via : Andreea Birsan

They are also perfect for individual street style, even adding a bit of the 1970’s flavor.

If you need to be out the door in a hurry in the morning, some light eye makeup, lip gloss, and a nice pair of clear lens sunglasses will give you a bouncy, energetic look.

via : / The Fashion Cuisine

If you just want to lounge around or huddle up with a good book on the weekend, get your clear lens glasses out to create that unassuming, spontaneous style.

We hope this will bring you new ideas in creating your own style with a pair of glasses. Once you find the perfect sized frame for you, a pair of aviators can be the perfect match to any facial structure.