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Must-Have Summer Sunglasses in the Most Refreshing Colors

This summer’s most popular colors for sunglasses tend to be light and refreshing, including light blues, light greens, and bright yellows. For the most part, yellow, green, pink, and blue are the four colors most heavily utilized. SPEKTRE carefully shapes the contours of the frame and meticulously selects lens colors to reflect styles new and old, making our sunglasses the perfect choice for any ensemble.

Photography by Andrew Myers

Bright yellows are full of vitality, perfect for the old-school style or pairing with other brightly colored accessories. 

SPEKTRE  DALì rimless with glossy gold metal parts | SPEKTRE PARIS with glossy silver frame | SPEKTRE RIGAUT in glossy gold frame

Light greens are great for more urban, modern outfits and pairing with gray accessories for a subtle elegance.

SPEKTRE LOVESTORY rimless in gradient green lenses and glossy gold metal parts

Light blues are great for a day at the beach, perfect for pairing with light stripes or white pieces.

SPEKTRE DENORA in crystal baby blue acetate frame and lenses | SPEKTRE LOVESTORY rimless in pastel blue with glossy gold metal parts | SPEKTRE BELLUCCI oversized acetate frame in crystal baby blue

Pink or rose gold can add a touch of playfulness to your summer style. Pair them with white to accentuate your overall look.

SPEKTRE MIA oversized round and cat eye frame in gunmetal with flash lilac lenses

Nicky Hilton makes great use of light blues to create her summer outfits, and the floral designs on her blouse give off a great holiday vibe, proving that simplicity can still be eye-catching.

SPEKTRE RIGAUT in glossy gold frame and pastel blue lenses

SPEKTRE DENORA crystal babe blue acetate frame and lenses

Armela Jakova uses the lemon yellow SPEKTRE DALÌ and white denim overalls to add to her unique personal style. The fanny pack is also a very trendy accessory which brings a retro flair to the complete outfit.

Italian fashion influencer Anna Penello utilizes pink to heighten her outfit full of urban sensibility, adding a soft touch to the strong, independent look.

SPEKTRE DENORA in bordeaux crystal acetate frame and in navy blue crystal

ELLE ACCESSORIES 2018 Spring/Summer Edition highly recommends yellow and green for the coming summer.

Have you picked up something new to add to your very own summer style? Even if you don’t want to look overly ostentatious, you can still try to add brightly colored accessories in flashier styles to stand out in a crowd.