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Handmade in Italy , tailored for Asia.

* Milan 2009 ~ 2019 , 10th Anniversary *

2019 is the Year of “Living Coral”! Keep up with the latest color trends with Spektre Sunglasses

A new year means it’s time for a new you. First and foremost, it’s time to familiarize yourself with the latest fashion trends. As 2018 came to a close, The Pantone Color Institute announced “Living Coral” as its 2019 Color of the Year, which “energizes and enlivens with a softer edge”. 

This color is full of positivity and affirmation, evoking the breathtaking beauty of marine life. Join us as we show you how Living Coral is the perfect complement to each and every look.

Coral X Black

Spektre Recommends:

Leather pants, long boots, a cross-should bag, a slanted neckline, and the OFFSHORE DOPPIO PONTE complete this rocker look. Striking the balance between unruly and proper will make this stand out either in the office or at a more formal event.

When using coral as the central focus to be accentuated by bits of black, we recommend the exceptionally popular Spektre XYZ  to accompany his sporty outfit. The key to this look is not wearing your sunglasses properly; pull them down the sides of your nose to complete this trendy look.

The coral exudes elegant femininity with a dash of playfulness, while the golden glitter and black brings about extravagance. The vintage look of the Spektre Denora is the perfect piece to complement this look.

The retro, romantic ensemble has to be completed with the Spektre Eva with its classic 1950’s glamour. The European flair on display is perfect for those who prefer vintage style, including the likes of international stars such as Scarlett Johansson.

Coral X Pink

Spektre Recommends:

The frameless design and jelly pink lenses provides visual impact to both the facial area and the overall look. The modernistic frame structure suits both formal and casual occasions.

The right choice for all seasons! This classic, round amber frame accompanied by gradient lenses is for everyone.

Going with similar colors never fails. Spektre Offshore and its mercury lenses will make you the center of attention in a crowd.

Whether you are dressed in fuchsia or pink, adding coral can lead to unexpectedly wonderful results. To further complete the look, a pair of vintage sunglasses will have you looking extra chic.

Coral X Yellow

Spektre Recommends:

Spektre Mia is a huge hit with female customers, and it’s easy to see why. The large frame and modest cat-eye design has a significant slimming effect on the facial structure, and the variety of lens colors to choose from satisfies any and all preferences.

The lemon yellow interior paired with the coral sleeveless dress conveys unique personal flair through thoughtful layering. The silver Spektre Domina aviators will add a slightly masculine touch that brings together spontaneity and femininity.

The princess-like bubble sleeves and wrinkled texture express a unique charisma through a combination of modern colors, much like the more-than-meets-the-eye style of Spektre Narciso.

This frameless design along with the unique lens shape is an exciting and attention-getting addition to any outfit.

Coral X Coral

Spektre Recommends:

Spektre Miami  perfectly balances elegance with the gender neutral look. Its rectangular shape makes a statement that leaves a lasting impression.

The clear frame is matched with ultra-clear lenses, while the upper portion of the frame forms a perfect partnership with the brow ridge, accentuating the frame details. A match for any facial structure or skin tone, this is the stylish yet practical choice.

SPEKTRE RIGAUT is suitable for both male and female customers. The unique polygonal structure can be paired with an assortment of colored lenses to create a retro yet modern effect, crafting altered looks depending on your choice of formal or casual attire. 

This pair of oversized sunglasses exudes the decadence and romanticism of Shanghai. Fitting any facial structure, it can be matched with gradient lenses to make you the center of attention.