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What 9 years old Harajuku girls teach us about fashion!

She’s been invited to Chanel event when she was 7 years old, Coco pink princess, the stunning kids ever. "As long as Coco was wearing a printed skirt, she would be particularly excited." Mother said that Coco had a unique emotion for her style when she was a child, and now, because of her fashion insights, she has become a favorite influencer to the fashion brand such as GUCCI and CHANEL.

Illustration by Kevin Hong

When Coco was two years old, his parents ran a vintage shop in Tokyo's Shinjuku Street called Funktique. They often took Coco along with them, she grew up around the vintage clothing, this made her so in love for fashion. Luckily, her parents gave a lot of space to her styling, she often decides what to dress by herself.

photo by coco_pinkprincess Instagram

When she was young, she picked up the clothes in the store and playing with the mix and match and takes the selfies. When her mother saw her enthusiastic in fashion, and she’s thought this is going to be interesting, she started to upload her outfit photos. Later, she got a good response unexpectedly, so her mother created an account for Coco’s outfit.

photo by

This 9 years old girl is getting more attention day by day, she’s gaining her followers to 671K in this year. In an interview, the reporter asked her: " Now you are the fashion icon to many people, so who is your fashion icon? "


"I don't have any fashion icon."


Like what Coco says, although this answer seems naïve, it’s the simplest answer that brings us back to think about how we decide our style. Be your own fashion icon is so important, try not to follow anyone, become the one you like the most, and that is your style.


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photo by coco_pinkprincess Instagram

The Parental Role

The vintage shop run by her parents had a great influence on Coco's style. She grew up in the Harajuku district and fill with Harajuku style. Her dad taught her coordinate, and helped him to match with accessories. In coco's photos, she always matches with eye-catching accessories and the eyeglasses to make the style more complete. Her mother will manage her account, helping her to take pictures, and doing the Instagram layout.


When people comment about Coco have too much exposure since she was so young, her parents maintain the opposite opinion. They think that if the children can have their own ideas and opinion, it is a trait that should be cherished.


On Coco's path to fashion, her parents became the most indispensable part of her dream.


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