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Living in Taiwan? Try at Home your favorite eyewear

Pick your favorite frames and try them comfortably at home.

It's easy, convenient, and completely free.

Here's how it works


Women's Sunglasses

Women's Glasses


Men's Sunglasses

Men's Glasses

Add them to the cart, then click checkout.



Provide your receiving information, choose "Bank Transfer" as the payment method, and submit the order.

Transfer a deposit of $10,000 to the account provided, and provide the last 5 numbers of your bank account.

Line @spektre Tel: 02 2545 0886



We will send you the trial versions of the frames you selected from our 

All trial glasses are treated with an ultrasonic cleaner and sanitized before shipping, so you can try them without any worries.



After you make a decision, please contact us to confirm your choice. We will send you your new glasses immediately and credit the difference of the deposit paid

The try-on period is up to 3 days.



Please notify us after the try-on is complete, and we will arrange for a courier to pick up the goods.

According to your final decision, we will arrange the shipment of your purchased products for you.


Still can't decide?

Do you want to try more?

Contact us to get more frames or get a refund.




Q: Can I get advice for choosing frames that fits me? 

Sure. Contact our Eyewear Stylists, we are very happy to give you the most professional and personal glasses consultation based on your face shape and needs.

Q: Does the lens of trial version glasses come with the prescription?

All the optical frames come with demonstration lenses. The purpose of Try at home is to help you to find the right style easily and comfortably.

Your lens will be made according to your prescription after you choose the frames.

Q: Can I return if I can't find the one after trying?

Sure. You have a variety of choices: buy, return or contact us to try more styles.

Q: I haven't got my prescription yet, can I use this service?

Sure. Add your favorite products to your shopping cart.

Provide "Your prescription" in the order note at check out if you have one or inform us once you get it, so we can process your glasses.

Q: How much does it costs the service?

This Try at home service is completely free, and the ship and return fee is on us.

Q: How can I returned the products?

Just pack the frames into the original packaging, and choose “ to pay on collect ”.The shipping fee will be on us.

Orders can be placed through SF Express 0800-088-830)or the website www.sf-express.com.tw

If you have no idea how to do it, please contact us directly for support.

Q: How do I pay the trial deposit?

The deposit is 15,000 TWD, payable by Bank Transfer

Cathay Pacific Bank Cheng-Tung Branch

Bank code: 013

Deposit account: 222-03-500611-0

Account name: Circle and Point Co. Taiwan Limited

Q: How long is the Try at home period?

3 days.

The day you receive will start counting as the first day, and we will arrange the pick up on the third day.

Q: Can I apply for more trial time?

No problem, please feel free to contact our Glasses styling adviser for help.

Q: Can't return on time for some reason?

Don't have enough time? Please feel free to contact the Glasses styling adviser and we will work out a solution together.

Q: Can I just keep my favorite products directly?

We do not recommend this.

Because the trial products are samples for this service. The lenses are only for demonstration, without protection function, and there is no packaging of the official products.