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Handmade in Italy , tailored for Asia.

* Milan 2009 ~ 2019 , 10th Anniversary *

What’s in for this fall and winter? You’re in the right place, as we’ve got 5 key trends for you right here.

This is not the time for modesty. All the big brands have introduced shiny, shimmering silver accessories that are just the right mix of cool and sexy, so pick one out to complete that steely cool look. We recommend pairings with eyewear in black-grey, mercury, or even light and dark blues.

Whether you are still a teenage girl at heart, it’s hard to stay away from the pink storm. Matthew Adams Dolan has a pink ensemble fit for Barbie complete with shoulder pads straight out of the 80’s, while Marni’s got the red and fuchsia mix with all sorts of geometric shapes. We recommend pairings with lenses in pink/purple, light pink, gradient peach, and lilac.

A walk in the prairie is perfect for the free spirit. Being one with nature can be achieved with an assortment of totems, leather pieces, and cloaks in floaty materials and earthy tones. We recommend pairings with eyewear in warm colors such as brown, dark green, and other folksy colors.

Large, blocky shapes in accompanying a simple, clean base color offers a clean look fit for the modern woman. We recommend you select the color of your choice for your eyewear to complete your look, as we offer a multitude of colors at your disposal.

“Liquid Oil” joins the party to bring out a bit of a metallic futuristic feel, and pink and powder blue are especially popular. We recommend pairings with eyewear in rose, champagne, mercury, and other soft tones, as they possess a similar oily texture.