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Editor’s pick: 3 nostalgic childhood memory films for you and your kids!

Watching a good movie with your family is fun, but running out of ideas? What are the movies that’s packed with morals and great meanings while super fun to watch with your kids? Don’t worry, we’ve picked 3 great ones for you and your family! These films are some of the greatest and besides just watching them, you can also explain the messages from the movies to your kids!

( we’ve organized a brief summary of the films below, just read on ! )

Illustration by Kevin Hong

1. Pom Poko by Studio Ghibli

A group of tanuki that lives in their forest home in Tokyo realizes their home will soon be destroyed by the threat of human’s urban development project. In order to evict the evil humans and save their home, they must use their supernatural talents to fight back. While all the young tanuki learning how to master their abilities, they blend in with their enemies and plot on a great battle plan against the greedy human to protect their forest.

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Messages to you:

Studio Ghibli’s are the ultimate classics of animated films of all time, they’re both intellectual and magical for kids from 1 to 99! This is not just another animated film, it’s a message and reminder for all mankind. Undeniably, fast-pace developments have granted us a better life, but because of this, we’ve also destroyed mother nature and lost the balance and causing extinctions to animals. Besides the wonderful illustrations and hilarious scenes, Isao Takahata also wishes to bring the message of appreciating nature to the young audience hoping they would understand the importance of protecting our blue planet with their strength.

photo by bilibili

A Dog’s Purpose

Base on the best-selling book by W. Bruce Cameron. This film is about the lifetimes of a devoted dog Bailey, who reincarnated 4 times as multiple canines over the course of five decades. Every meeting and departures of the lovable pooch make it gain more growth, a better understanding of its purpose and the meaning of existence. Although Bailey has reincarnated many times, it never forgets Ethan. As he grew older, Bailey has finally found him and reminded him of its true self, fulfilling its purpose.

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Messages to you:

The uniqueness of this film is it was from a dog's point of view, understanding life through their eyes. This is a film that is warm but will definitely make its audience cry. But through how a dog finds it’s purpose and the meaning of life, it teaches us to love, and appreciate with happiness. Explaining the relationship between a dog and it’s owner like family, an indestructible friendship.

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Based on the Roald Dahl take. In this Tim Burton’s version of Willy Wonka, it’s known as one of the greatest Johnny Depp movies. Willy Wonka is a genius yet eccentric chocolatier, he owns the world’s biggest chocolate factory. Because of the fear of his secret recipe being stolen, the factory was never opened to the public and always kept as secrecy. The smells of chocolate make everyone wonders about the factory and couldn’t keep anybody away from it. One day, a poor boy named Charlie and four other kids win a tour to the chocolate factory. Among these five lucky children, the chocolatier has a plan for the one that shows his true color and revealing the secrets behind the amazing chocolate factory.

photo by Pinterest

Messages to you:

Besides the broad, cartoonish strokes and the phenomenal effects that mesmerize audiences of all ages, the mysteries are a great wonder of the film. The lucky children that got to visit the factory show their behaviors were a derivation of their parents and the way they were brought up. Parents are children’s factory, good or bad behaviors are merely just the reflections of their parents.

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