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Look your best for Taiwan’s music festivals

As May arrives, that means summer will soon be here, and with summer comes the various major music festivals throughout Taiwan. Are you ready for the impending musical madness? Music festival fashion is a battleground, and simply knowing the names of the acts on the stage is just not enough. Dressing and accessorizing for the part is key.

Before your Instagram feed gets bombarded by festival posts this summer, let’s take a look at some of the major music festivals taking place in Taiwan and our suggestions for eyewear as you make the rounds.

What are the Major music festivals in Taiwan?

The Gongliao Rock Festival and Spring Scream are two of the originals of the Taiwanese music festival scene, but now there are multiple international events leaving their imprint on Taiwan. This year, there will be 7 major music festivals on the island, including the UK’s Creamfields, the officially christened Ultra Taiwan, and Thailand’s S2O Songkran music festival.


Although Looptopia will not be taking place this year, DancePort will be coming back in style for the first time since 2016. Organized by Spunite of Ultra fame, DancePort will be taking over northern Taiwan in May.


Held annually in Thailand, S2O coincides with the Songkran Festival in April. After making its debut in Japan last year, S2O will be making its way to Taiwanese shores in July. Taiwan will become just the 2nd foreign location of the newly expanded S2O, which is also organized by Spunite. 

#Gongliao Rock festival

The Gongliao Rock Festival was first organized in 2000, and it has since become one of the more recognized names among independent music festivals. One of the few music festivals which also plays host to open competition, it originated from a collaboration between Taiwan Colors Music and the New Taipei City government that aimed to create a Woodstock-like event in Taiwan. This free outdoor event on the beaches of Gongliao is a major attraction for music creators, many of whom have used the festival competition as a springboard to prominence in the independent music scene.

3 Tips for the perfect festival outfit

As the summer arrives, so does music festival season. While Coachella has already come and gone, festivals throughout Taiwan are just about to get underway. Here we present the 5 must-haves for attending music festivals, and we hope you’ll find inspiration for your perfect summer festival look.

Styles of Outfit

When it comes to festival attire, it’s all about finding that one element which stands out above the rest. Assembled here are a few of the best styles for 2019; boldly try your hand at one of these looks to make your own fashion statement and take center stage!

#Vintage and Modern

Style of Sunglasses

Worried about trying to look your best in three straight days of sweltering summer heat? The easiest and best solution to this problem is obviously a great pair of sunglasses, since they’ll effortlessly cover up your fatigue while ensuring you still look great in a photo. Sunglasses are simply the ultimate equalizer for any occasion, and the right pair will immediately get you in the festival mood.

Styles of Make up

At the festival, hair and makeup is no less important than the way you dress or accessorize. At Coachella, we see many festival goers wearing their hair in a bun while decorating themselves with body glitter, ornaments, and an assortment of body jewelry. These adornments are the perfect examples to emulate for your festival look.

We hope everyone gets a chance to attend these festivals looking and feeling good, enjoy the lively music, and go home with wonderful memories. And if you’d like to browse through even more eyewear styles, simply click below for our vast collection.