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Sunglasses + lipstick for an unmistakable aura

How does one still look immaculate even without makeup? The No. 1 answer is a large pair of sunglasses, of course, and it even keeps out the sun to boot. No. 2 is obviously lipstick, and after these two items you can just pick up your bag and go. Let’s take a look at some of the classic sunglasses/lipstick combinations.

All Black Sunglasses + Classic Red Lipstick

Such a deep red color might be a bit much for the summer, but it’s a must-have if you’ve got on a pair of black sunglasses. The deeply dark tone requires a strong contrast to help you stand out, so the red lipstick is a perfect choice. Combine the unflappable black with a sexy red, and you will get a scorching hot result. No matter the shape of the sunglasses, this combination exudes a killer aura with a delicate old-fashioned touch.

Gigi Hadid

Sora Park

Taylor Lashae

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Reflective Lenses +_Smoky Rose Lipstick

Reflective lenses act very much like mirrors, reflecting your surroundings to give you a new experience each time you put them on, and its brilliant colors will surely grab plenty of attention. Try lipstick in a less eye-catching color to avoid having too much going on at once. This is where more modest tones such as smoky rose or other matte lipsticks are perfect for job, helping to maintain your sunglasses as the visual focus.

Photos from Pinterest; no SPEKTRE products depicted

Matching Colored Lenses and Lipstick

Colored sunglasses were hugely popular in the 1960’s and 70’s, and they have regained that popularity once again in recent years, evoking the retro, psychedelic feel of musicians and bands from years past. Color lenses are themselves the focal point of visual interest, so coordinating with a similar colored lipstick or one of a slightly darker shade will keep your look clean. Alternatively, a nude lipstick can also help you create a natural “no-makeup” look and an understated regality.

Feng Fan


Vivid Wu/ 配戴 SPEKTRE 菱形鏡框款 - Rigaut

Tortoise Shell Frame + Coral Lipstick

Do girls wearing tortoise shell glasses give you the artsy vibe that just always seems to make them stand out in a crowd? Cat-eye + tortoise shell sunglasses have always been a favorite of celebrities, as the.slightly opaque frame plus the faint curvature of the cat-eye structure exude a vintage, feminine essence. The upward curving contours are great for slimming and sharpening the face, making this a must-have for the stars.

One must be very particular in finding the right lipstick color to accompany tortoise shell glasses as to not appear too old-fashioned or not contoured enough. Warm colors such as coral or burnt orange can inject a sense of youthfulness and liveliness that also brings vitality.  

Sara Rossetto /配戴 SPEKTRE 方型大框款 - Cara

Olivia palermo

Photo via: Pinterest

陳語安 /配戴 SPEKTRE 大框型貓眼款 - Isabel