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4 tips to turn your dishes into a premium meal!

Maybe you love to cook in daily, and you have already mastered the delicious for your friends and family, but you always felt that something is missing after you have done your cook, it’s still something less on the table. You still look forward to going out to the restaurant or cafe. Looking for the dishes that amazed both your senses and taste buds.


In fact, with only a few tips, you can instantly transform your cuisine into a restaurant premium meal with both nice look and taste!

Illustration by Kevin Hong

Photo by Redbook 


The choice of tableware is like the packaging of a dish. With the delicious dishes, of course, you must also have suitable tableware to dress and match it up. This will not only give the additional mark to the look but also increase appetite and mood!


When choosing tableware, you can decide on the types of dishes you cook. Pasta and brunch-style dishes can be served in simple lines or simple printed plates; the refreshing milk oat, yogurt, and fruits or salad can be put in the transparent glass bowl, it can increase the visibility of the color of fruits and vegetables. Use wooden tableware was also a choice to make them look more natural and healthy. The pureness of wood color can highlight the cuisine in the dish.


Besides keeping the table clean and serving as heat insulation, creating a good ambiance is also an important function of the placemat. You can put a beautiful placemat on the dining table and take a photo before meals. The dishes look particularly prominent when you put a nice placemat under the plate. Also, it shows how you value the time and the sense of ritual of your dining.

Photo by Redbook/ Pinterest


Many people think that the role of herbs is only for flavoring, but in addition to flavoring your food, it can also use for a visual embellishment to your dishes! For example, sprinkle some black pepper on a poached egg, add some oregano leaves to the steak, pour some chia-seeds to your milk oats, putting rosemary on your iced coffee, etc. Use the herbs to be a decoration of your dishes, make the appearance look special, and also bring some unique aroma to your food.


The decoration is so important for cooking, just like put on some accessories in your daily life, you wearing a watch, a pair of eyeglasses, or a hat, it is all used to decorate your life, bring the pleasant and extra-ordinary feeling to you.

Photo by Redbook

Space and ambiance

Creating a good vibe is a must for your dining. When dining in the restaurant, I believe you also pay great attention to the decoration and environment. Although we cannot change the decoration of our home in a short time, we can use our thinking to create the desired dining atmosphere. When having brunch, find a place with a little streaming sunlight; when having dinner, clean up your table and leave some space, play some music that suitable for dinner, and try to turn off the TV. Enjoying the beautiful dinner time with yourself or with your family without any distractions.

photo by Redbook/ Pinterest

The rituals sense of life, which mean we use different attitudes, spend the normal daily life.


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