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Handmade in Italy, available with Asian fit

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SPEKTRE JUDIE, this square frame design is inspired by the bold and innovative 1960s sunglasses. Colorful, square, and oversized polygonal frames were popular in the 1960’s. Compares to the round frame, square frames can enhance the face contour, increase the maturity and dependability of you. Round face with square frames can visually elongate a full face, embellish the face shapes makes you look more mature with this glasses. This trendy and retro frame is definitely an important accessory to match your suit and shirt. It sincerely recommends to the one who wants to be extraordinary in the ordinary days. The Italian team tailored the Asian’s fitting to all Asian customers, makes you feel comfortable and fashionable all the way.



The classic rectangle design. The thick lines frames create the impression and distinctive image. It made from high quality of Italy acetate, contains the simple design but sturdy quality. The extra lightweight also provides the comfortable experience to you. There are three choices of colors: the classical black, bicolor (blue and black) and brown with stripes. All colors are made by the clear acetate except the classical black. A strong visual effect presents while wearing the frames, it creates a kind of unique aesthetic to you. 


We utilize the high precision nylon and CR-39 lenses, which provide 100% UV protection, which can effectively protect our eyes from the harmful UV-rays. Those colorful lenses are tailored design for Asian, no matter it is gradient, light, or bicolor, it all can be found in SPEKTRE. Through this classic and playful design, seek for your own unique color.


For the temples, all the details are worth to explore from you. We utilize the acetate fiber to wrap the metal temples with the see through design. This unique combination of dual-material, and it create a balance appearance. It shows strong charisma with the thick lines design, looks retro but not old-fashioned.


SPEKTRE’s design concept -- “Bring out your own unique elegance, and not be a blindly followers.” You can find the soul of the brand in every part of the frame. Designers use a diamond shapes logo stands for the alphabet “E” base on the words SPEKTRE. The simple “SPEKTRE” font are engraved at the end of the temples, or on the metal nose pad. Through meticulous design, each individual frame becomes a unique, memorable representation pf modern fashion.


Sunglasses are vital accessories no matter the time of year, whether offering protection from harmful light and UV rays or adding a spark to your outfit of the day. Here we provide you with practical suggestions and photo references of As seen on of our products on celebrities, KOL around the world to guide you in selecting the pair of sunglasses just right for you.