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Handmade in Italy , tailored for Asia.

* Milan 2009 ~ 2019 , 10th Anniversary *

SPEKTRE OFFSHORE  has a clean metallic frame paired with unique angular lenses, offering a sleek, modern look and exuding a lively and playful spirit. It is recommended for any type of facial structure but fits especially well with high cheekbones, and it is perfect for both casual and formal occasions.

The Frame

The frame comes in gold, silver, or black, and it is meticulously detailed and crafted with anti-allergen material. The angular, polygonal frame is stylish and unique, and its light weight enhances comfort while reducing the likelihood of leaving marks on your nose, while also offering a superb modifying effect for your facial structure.


We utilize the highest quality CR39 lenses, which provide 100% UV protection. Whether gradient, double-colored, or semi-transparent, these lenses are classy yet fun, giving you the freedom to choose the color of your desire.

Nose Pads

The transparent, anti-slip silicone nose pads provide comfort, while the metallic frame can be easily maneuvered and fully customized to fit your facial structure, further enhancing comfort while reducing the likelihood of leaving marks on or digging into your nose.

Fashion Guide

Sunglasses are vital accessories no matter the time of year, whether offering protection from harmful light and UV rays or adding a spark to your outfit of the day. Here we provide you with practical suggestions and photo references of celebrities wearing our products to guide you in selecting the pair of sunglasses just right for you.

Celebrities wearing Spektre Offshore

SPEKTRE OFFSHORE is a global sensation; its minimalistic design and metallic frame of the highest quality is perfect for those with high cheekbones. Perfect for both casual and formal occasions, it is equally suitable for men and women.

Vivid Wu

Offshore Black Frame - Bicolor Lens


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