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Handmade in Italy , tailored for Asia.

* Milan 2009 ~ 2019 , 10th Anniversary *

SPEKTRE VINCENT offers an ultra-futuristic look with its one single, large lens accompanied by a lightweight nylon frame, forming a superior combination of style and comfort. Its vivid colors exude lively and youthful exuberance, and the futuristic style adds an aura that is embraced by celebrities around the world.

Sporty Nylon Frame

SPEKTRE VINCENT has a frame made of nylon, which is a lightweight material offering maximum comfort that is often used in sports sunglasses. We utilize the highest quality lenses, which provide 100% UV protection. Whether gradient, double-colored, or semi-transparent, these lenses are classy yet fun, giving you the freedom to choose the color of your desire

Brand Logo

The devil is in the details. On the left earpiece, the “E” in SPEKTRE has been positioned in a way to resemble a diamond. Meanwhile, the brand name in its entirety is printed on the right earpiece. Through meticulous design, each individual frame becomes a unique, memorable representation of modern fashion.

Fashion Guide

Sunglasses are vital accessories no matter the time of year, whether offering protection from harmful light and UV rays or adding a spark to your outfit of the day. Here we provide you with practical suggestions and photo references of celebrities wearing our products to guide you in selecting the pair of sunglasses just right for you.


Style Tips – Sporty and Futuristic

The sporty look is in, as seen in the popularity of pairing formal attire with casual sneakers. This look endures because it resembles the routine of daily life; it is functional, comfortable, yet fashionable all at once. This year, sporty is going some place new, and it is the future. To get on top of this new trend, give the following a try. Slip on an oversized suit jacket with a pair of sneakers, or put on some metallic, shiny bling that sparkles under the lights and provides some visual bang for the buck. If you are futuristic type who’s ahead of your time, this is the look for you.

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