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The latest eyewear trends, new collections of optical frames and sunglasses: everything you need to know about SPEKTRE's World and the aesthetic of the eyewear industry

New Titanium Collection Glasses !

Introducing Spektre's newest collection of optical frames. Handcrafted with premium beta titanium. This series has 5 new models with different color options, which can be easily to match daily outfits and show your personal style!

Fashion directors, editors, stylists , models, brand owners pr and KOL love SPEKTRE for its irreverent approach: disrupting the sunglasses as functional accessory to be used only on sunny days, making it the essential element to enhance the the personal style, such as shoes and bags. Let's check it out and be inspired by our ambassadors !


SPEKTRE INFINITY 是本季熱銷好評款式之一,連台灣美容天王大S也愛不釋手,近期在實境節目「我們是真正的朋友」中配戴SPEKTRE INFINITY 粉綠雙色鏡片,氣質出眾的她戴上這款獨特的無限符號框形墨鏡,馬上就讓眼尖的觀眾們注意到,也更顯她的女神范兒了!一起來瞭解女神's pick





Music Festival Outfit Proposal - Follow Spektre and to rock this summer

What should you pay attention when attending a music festival ?  Here are some the information for the most popular music festivals  in Taiwan, and tips for you guys !!

住在濕度高的台灣,每天悶熱的天氣,一心只能想像自己在渡假泡在泳池裡一整天。不管是Monday Blue、辦公室的勾心鬥角、或是日復一日的上班族生活進,天藍和純白永遠是現代人嚮往的簡單狀態。2019夏季來臨之前,就從這位時尚圈中的現代奧黛麗赫本偷點靈感,穿出一片令人心情療癒的藍天白雲風景!

A new year means it’s time for a new you. First and foremost, it’s time to familiarize yourself with the latest fashion trends. The Pantone Color Institute announced “Living Coral” as its 2019 Color of the Year, which “energizes and enlivens with a softer edge”.

If you have been keeping up with the latest trends in 2019, you’ll know that last year’s retro wave remains prevalent today. This year, it’s all about the super-retro or the futuristic, or even a combination of the two. Let’s take a look at the must-get sunglasses to help you make the perfect first impression.

TRENDS / 2019 Color trends

The times are always changing, and color trends are no different. Let’s take a look at how designers and consumers alike make use of these tones. 

What’s in for this fall and winter? You’re in the right place, as we’ve got 5 key trends for you right here.

FASHION / How to mix & match with clear lens sunglasses

Click and check out more idea about clear lens sunglasses

How does one still look immaculate even without makeup? The No. 1 answer is a large pair of sunglasses, of course, and it even keeps out the sun to boot. No. 2 is obviously lipstick, and after these two items you can just pick up your bag and go. Let’s take a look at some of the classic sunglasses/lipstick combinations.

The classic aviator-style sunglasses were originally developed in 1923 as a way to protect a pilot’s eyes against bright light while flying. In a matter of decades, they became popular throughout the world, and today have become almost a basic essential in sun-blocking eyewear.

Must-Have Summer Sunglasses in the Most Refreshing Colors

This summer’s most popular colors for sunglasses tend to be light and refreshing, including light blues, light greens, and bright yellows. For the most part, yellow, green, pink, and blue are the four colors most heavily utilized. SPEKTRE carefully shapes the contours of the frame and meticulously selects lens colors to reflect styles new and old, making our sunglasses the perfect choice for any ensemble.

New designs are mostly minimalistic, adhering to the “less is more” philosophy. The irregularly shaped lenses toe the fine line between progressiveness and tradition, finding a creative balance by adding uneven, angular designs to a seemingly conventional frame.

FASHION / Cat-eye sunglasses is the new trend

Have you guys been following the latest trends in eyewear? Why are cat-eye sunglasses so popular? Here’s a brief history of this trendy item, from its rise in the 1950’s to the ultra-thin variety of the 1990’s. 

2017夏天,孫芸芸帶領同名品牌Yun Yun Sun攜手和米蘭潮流眼鏡大牌SPEKTRE聯名推出最適合亞洲臉孔的高質感墨鏡。孫芸芸表示在品牌當中加入墨鏡系列一直是她的計畫,自己也很早就看上SPEKTRE純手工製造的生產模式,認同SPEKTRE對設計的堅持和品質的用心。


SPEKTRE與孫芸芸YUN YUN SUN同名品牌2018聯名系列,以中性造型為主軸,設計出男女都能配戴的經典百搭鏡框,你妳都能在這邊找到適合自己的太陽眼鏡。本次系列共有四款,Aimee飛行員框、Jean造型圓框、Heather方形飛行員框、Marisa簡約無邊框,讓SPEKTRE X YUN YUN SUN太陽眼鏡成為你每日隨身的重點配件,與日常穿搭輕易融合,在高端時尚與生活中找尋完美的平衡。