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March 8th—International Women’s Day, due to the efforts of predecessors, the status of women in the society has become increasingly visible. Women have made the admirable pioneering works in the past, and their efforts have begun a new era. The classic female representatives of different ages have shown their growth in ideological and conceptual under the times change. Let's see how these three women of different ages have influenced future generations and become the imprints of the times.

Audrey Hepburn

When we talk about the superstars in the 1950s, it makes us reminiscent of her. No matter how long the time has passed, she always has a beautiful face; regardless of the changes of times, she’s always the "fashion" and "elegance" icon.


From the movies of the 1950s, such as "Roman Holiday" and "Sabrina", to the famous "Breakfast at Tiffany’s" and "my fair lady", Audrey Hepburn exude her unique elegance through her acting in the film. She has been recognizing as a goddess in people’s hearts. Until now, when comes to the word “elegance”, she is the one that comes in mind.

photo by movie Funny Face

“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.”

Audrey Hepburn said this, and she did the best practice to herself. She has the exquisite features: A lean face with bushy eyebrows and big eyes, and the chiseled jawline emitting the unique elegance, her beauty just like illusory, it was unreal to us. Many celebrities try to imitate her after she passed away, but her inherent elegance is not easy to portray by the acting skills.


Audrey Hepburn was born in Belgium. Her mother is a noble descendant and her father is a banker. She entered a noble boarding school at the age of 6 and transferred to the music academy to learn ballet at the age of 10. After World War II, the Nazis occupied the Netherlands, she and her mother lived a hard life. Those bitter days did not affect her to keep on learning ballet. She practiced hard and wish to become a ballet dancer in the future.

photo by classyhepburn

photo by David Seymour

On the way to her ballet dream, everything always goes against expectations. Undernutrition makes her look too skinny and her height was too high compared to other male dancers, so she’s been told not qualified to become a ballet dancer. Audrey Hepburn passed by her dream, but it’s created another path to fame for her.


She began to be a model, and also participating in the role of musicals and movies. Later, in the musical "Gigi", she got the opportunity to develop her career in the US. "Roman Holiday" is the first time she appeared on the big screen as a heroine. She played a princess in this film with a playful and cute personality, and a delicate face. She made the impression profound although she just made a slight smile. With this film, she won her first Academy Awards for Best Actress in her life, and also been given the name of “fallen angel”.

photo by 7yashka7

Since then, she has performed a lot of classic movies. "My Fair Lady", "Funny Face", "Sabrina", etc. All of the classics are highly popular up to now. Her elegance is inborn, no matter she’s acting in the film or served in UNICEF, she always presented a kind of graceful and gentleness look.


Maybe you don’t even remember the storyline of the movie, but you will never forget, the look when Audrey Hepburn wears the black skirt in Breakfast at Tiffany's.


For her elegance, it was deeply imprinted in our minds.

photo by Bob Willoughby

Princess Diana

The early British royal family always gave the impression of restraint and reserved. Nowadays, the royal family has gradually narrowed the distance with the people due to the change of times. They began a new era of the royal family.


All these changes are for a reason. Perhaps someone played the first role to change, the royal family started to rethink, break the gap between people and the monarchy, is a suitable way to run the governance abreast of the times. One of the important roles that break these traditions is the princess that be loved the most --- Princess Diana.


photo by d.newsweek

Rebellious incarnation under the crown

Princess Diana reminds us, her kindness and her smile; her graceful posture when she wearing a dress. Meanwhile, you will think of her in the refreshing shirt and jeans when she attended events. Her avant-garde thinking has broken the traditional aesthetic view of women and launching a new model of femininity. She has an elegant outlook but a subverting tradition thought in her bones.

photo by pinterest

photo by Julian Parker

After the birth of the princes, she had her ideas about educating her child. She refused to abide by the royal rules and try to broke the traditional education way. For example, the princess basically can't get along with the child for too long, she needs to visit a different country for diplomatic work. As a parent, she can't show too much emotion to the children in the public. In contrast, Princess Diana changed people's impression of the royal family. She took the princes along with her when she went to royal progress and travels. Besides that, she squats down when she talks to her children and hugged them often to show her affectionate love.


Since Princess Diana wants her children to have their childhood like others, she took them to ride public transport, fast food restaurants, and wear casual wear in their daily life. She is the first one to send the royal heirs to the public school. When the princes grew up, she brought them to the shelters and hospitals, show them the real appearance of the world.


photo by Tim Graham

photo by Kent Gavin

The education way of Princess Diana had a profound influence on princes, and they build a deeper relationship together. After Prince William build his own family, he carries on his mother’s education. Even he’s busy, but he wishes to build the deepest relationship with his children.


In the 1980s, Princess Diana became a pioneer of the new generation of women. While accompanying her children grew up, she’s active in philanthropy and diplomacy, made a countless contribution to it. She’s different from others because she will get involved on her own while she giving a helping hand to others. Women's status had gradually risen in the 1980s, and Princess Diana kept broken the status gap in the society, narrowed the distance between people. Yet, she kept work hard to build an era of equality.


photo by David Levenson

Taylor Swift

What’s the impression that Taylor gave to you?


Wearing a princess dress, singing a romantic love story of Romeo and Juliet under the warm halo? The one who turned into a rebellious girl in the MV and countered the haters bullying? Or the one who is constantly being criticized for having too much love history?

photo by Valheria Rocha

Awaken the good girl’s sleeping soul

Many people have a polarized impression on Taylor. Some people appreciate her outspoken personality, some of them hate her because she is high-profile, and verbally bullying her. The girl living under the spotlight, that was impossible to not be affected by these negative reviews.


She has a unique voice. Some people described her voice had the innocence of a little girl, and also the cynical to the world. Taylor’s second album, <Fearless>, became one of the best-selling albums in the US during 2009. She won four Grammy Awards with this album, and she was the youngest "Album of the Year" winner at the time, while she’s only twenty years old.


The more shining in her music achievements, the more dazzling light in her life. Since her music achievements began to recognized, her words and deeds have also been noticed. From the appearance to her private life, it raised concern to the public. In the speech of “Billboard Woman of the Decade Award”, we saw the transformation of Taylor.

photo by Rich Fury

photo by

She found out she’s always used other’s evaluations as her standard in the past, and she changed herself regardless of the intentional or unintentional comments. Only when she affirmed by the applauses, it made her forget about the negative thought---she’s always not good enough. She realized that she lost her intention of singing, living her own life for others. Therefore, she decided to reduce the front-stages performances and immerse herself for a while, trying to find back herself.

photo by

The things we worth to learn from Taylor

Taylor’s music always referred to autobiographical music, because she has a clear observation and imagination of her life. She observed each of the feelings in detail, and this is why she wrote a lot of touching songs and gain emotional resonance with the public.


When everyone praises Taylor for her bravery, what we need to learn more from her is her keenness and sensitivity to life. We always accustomed to obedience and live in the frame of society every day. We are busy pursuing "good" standards, but we rarely stop and look at ourselves, listen to our voices. In her latest album or the documentary "Miss Americana", we saw the refined Taylors. After experiencing low tide, she knew that she would never be a girl who fully met the standards of others. Choose not to disregard your inner voice, face the problem bravely and speak for yourself when suffering an unequal treaty.


This is the best testimony of seeing Taylors accept her imperfection.


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