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Editor's Pick: The stunning orange accessories from head-to-toe!

Among to Pantone’s spring trending colors, the orange color is the most eye-catching one. It giving a sense of vitality and enthusiasm, and also full of charm and creativity. Many people have reservations about this color, worrying will it too strong for vision and difficult to dress up. But in fact, orange tones are easier to match than you think. Mixing with various colors will bring a different visual sense and present a different taste.


Besides, look at these eye-catching orange color items, can you still resist this color?

illustration by Kevin Hong

Orange shoulder above item

Orange is the most penetrating color besides red. It is warm as red and exudes vitality. Putting on an orange glass can make you look more energetic and brighten up your face, making people can’t leave their eyes from you! Orange hats, earrings, and headband are also indispensable items in spring; orange hair color and makeup are popular trends this spring and the coming summer!

photo by Pinterest

illustration by Kevin Hong

Orange eyeglasses recommendation

Orange sunglasses recommendation 

Orange Waist-items

The orange belt can add just the right embellishment to your ordinary clothing. The orange waist-bag is also a fresh attempt. Combining of bags and belts, not only fashionable and also easy to carry. Plus, you might buy an orange printed scarf this spring as well. It has a variety of interesting ways to tie up your scarf, can definitely become your trendy and versatile accessories!

photo from Pinterest/ Chanel/ Burberry official

illustration by Kevin Hong

Orange foot-items

Orange shoes are unexpectedly gorgeous! The square-toed design sandals and high-heel shoes are going trending this year, also, it combined with the orange color, are the most fashionable items in this spring! If you are tired of wearing high heels, you can always try to change your style, put on a pair of stunning orange sneakers, and a pair of cute socks to make yourself comfortable meanwhile also fashionable!

photo by Pinterest/ Happy Socks/ Bottega Veneta

illustration by Kevin Hong


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