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New premium titanium collection glasses

Introducing Spektre's newest collection of optical frames. Handcrafted with premium beta titanium. This series has 5 new models with different color options, which can be easy to match daily outfits and show your personal style! The beta-titanium series has the characteristics of lightness and comfort. This material is heat-resistant, pressure-resistant, and has good elasticity. The color retains the original color of the β-titanium metal, and focuses on matching with a different color on each frame, which is very intriguing. 

What are the characteristics of titanium glasses?

Titanium frames have excellent lightness and elasticity and can be used to make pressure-free temples for superior comfort. It is suitable for consumers who have regular exercise habits and demand better quality and functionality. In addition, titanium has excellent corrosion resistance, is non-toxic to the human body, does not have any radiation, is almost the same as platinum, no need to worry about sweat or saline. In addition to the reinforced structure, the durability is greatly improved, and it can give you an extra comfortable wearing experience.

- Lightweight: 48% lighter than normal metal, making it burden-free to wear

- Corrosion resistance: non-allergic, same as platinum and gold

- High strength: The surface strength of titanium metal is very high, it is not easy to be scratched and damaged

- Physical properties: anti-allergic and anti-carcinogenic

The light and the graceful silhouette are slightly embellished with a semi-curved frame and contrast color. The new titanium collection SPEKTRE MYSTERE is incorporated an iconic oval shape and an unexpected nose bridge. This unique pair is full of femininity, which makes the face line lifting and look more perfect, it upholds a quirky appeal that makes you stand out from the crowd.  

SPEKTRE ANDRE uses a unique glitter powder coating on the frame and gives the surface a real touch of materials. The whole new series, handcrafted with high-quality titanium, will give you an unprecedented comfort-wearing experience. Three color options of frame, orange, gold, and silver. This glitter frame glows under the light and makes your face shine unconsciously, which will add an unconventional twist to your daily edit. If you are tired of the basic color, please don't miss out.

The new titanium series SPEKTRE DIDI is here!  you can find out the ingenuity of the layering in the details. The polygon's shape combined with the round frame makes the face lines more uplift, blending feminine charm with a modern chic twist, The carve-out design on the lens gives you a light and weightless wearing experience, this is the reason why you will fall in love with it immediately. There are 2 colors options, the cream frame shows graceful and elegant, and the blue frame shows fashionable and trendy. However, the soft color combination gives the convenience to match your outfits for 365 days.

SPEKTRE CELESTE is designed in slender titanium constructions to emphasize the elegant round shape. This whole new series is handcrafted with high-quality titanium, it gives you an unprecedented comfortable wearing experience. There are gold and silver colors, which are clean and simple but can easily add Intriguing details to your daily outfits. Since 2018, metal frames have become an essential item for retro trends. If you are obsessed with retro fashion, then we suggest you should start with this classic metal frame.

The new titanium collection SPEKTRE BT1 has launched! This frame is made of two different materials, titanium and acetate, which makes the metal details and the whole frame stand out immediately. BT1 is presenting between retro and modern style, it provides ultra comfort and functionality. However, this unisex frame can be worn both for men and women and giving your everyday styling and unconventional uplift.