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Handmade in Italy, available with Asian fit

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SPEKTRE DECHIRICO is a pair of sunglasses with a story, a crafty combination of metal and acetate plating in a vintage double-framed design that shows off its contours. The lenses are attached to the acetate plating on the upper half of the frame, while a hollow space remains in the lower portion. This asymmetrical design breaks from the tradition of small circular frames while demonstrating the ingenuity of our brand, as SPEKTRE always searches for opportunities to incorporate modern elements in traditional design. This pair of sunglasses is great for everyday use, but these intricate details are far from ordinary. Handcrafted in Italy, the frame is the frame is intricately gold-plated with additional anti-allergen and anti-sweat properties. The metallic nose pads have been specifically designed for Asian markets to fit nearly all types of facial structures, offering both style and comfort.

Product Details


We utilize the high precision nylon and CR-39 lenses, which provide 100% UV protection, can effectively protect our eyes from the harmful UV-rays. Those colorful lenses are tailored design for Asian, no matter it is gradient, light, or bicolor, it all can be found in SPEKTRE. Through this classic and playful design, seek for your own unique color.


The metallic nose pads are lightweight and can be fully customized to fit your facial structure, enhancing comfort while reducing the likelihood of leaving marks on or digging into your nose.


The double-framed design consists of lightweight acetate plating from the frame to the earpiece, while the hollow bottom portion of the frame adds an element of sophistication and design ingenuity. The classic circular frame paired with flat lenses is a simultaneously vintage yet modern look that also provides maximum comfort.


SPEKTRE’s design concept -- “Bring out your own unique elegance, and not be a blindly followers.” You can find the soul of the brand in every part of the frame. Designers use a diamond shapes logo stands for the alphabet “E” base on the words SPEKTRE. The simple “SPEKTRE” font is engraved at the end of the temples, or on the metal nose pad. Through meticulous design, each individual frame becomes a unique, memorable representation pf modern fashion.


Sunglasses are vital accessories no matter the time of year, whether offering protection from harmful light and UV rays or adding a spark to your outfit of the day. Here we provide you with practical suggestions and photo references of As seen on of our products on celebrities, KOL around the world to guide you in selecting the pair of sunglasses just right for you.


This chic, intricately detailed frame requires little further embellishment. If you find trouble matching different colors, try going tone-on-tone and using one main hue while adding other graded tones within the same color scheme. This uniformity reduces the complexity in trying to find suitable combinations of colors while forming a layered, nuanced look at the same time. It is an easily acquired technique that results in a clean well-defined look.


在節目上總是熱情開朗的女演員夏宇喬配戴新款 SPEKTRE DECHIRICO,經典的高質感簍空小圓框,甜美又可愛像極了鄰家女孩。